About Company

Hamza Motors Sdn Bhd is incorporated in 1987, as one of the first Bumiputra company in Malaysia to venture into automotive business. Its first car business was being the authorized dealer of Proton Cars in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. With the success of being one of the best Proton Dealer in the country, Hamza Motors has been awarded as one of the few companies for the Import Approved Permit (AP) License. Together under the Wang Selamat Sdn Bhd Consortium, the company later grew to become one of the leading importer of used and reconditioned luxury and high-end vehicles in Malaysia.

In 2012, Hamza Motors came out of Wang Selamat Sdn Bhd Consortium and is now an independent importer. The company is now a member of Nizra Group, a prominent business conglomerate in Malaysian automotive to continue its success in the luxury car market.

The company embraces the buying experience and customer satisfaction, thus providing the best quality in cars and after-sales services.